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Front sprite of a hex:00
????? in Pokémon Crystal

????? may refer to:

1. Glitch Pokémon which have the name '?????' in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

1i) GlitchDex/GS:000.
1ii) GlitchDex/C:000.
1iii) GlitchDex/GS:252.
1iv) GlitchDex/C:252.
1v) GlitchDex/GS:254.
1vi) GlitchDex/C:254.
1vii) GlitchDex/GS:255.
1viii) GlitchDex/C:255.

2. The glitch item ????? (hex:07), also known as the "surfboard".

3. The unusable glitch item ????? (hex:2C).

General information

????? are available with derived tricks of the bad clone glitch/????? party overloading and arbitrary code execution exploits, such as Coin Case arbritrary code execution.

These glitch Pokémon have varying front sprites. Outside of battle, an opposing ????? will use the tiles in the top-right picture. Inside of a cave, an opposing ????? will use cave tiles. ????? have glitchy Pokédex entries, but some may freeze or reset the game. All ????? have a footprint with their number written in it.

The back-sprites for all ????? are the last Pokémon sent out or if no Pokémon was sent out in the session; it is the player character's "back sprite". A difference is that the 'Pokémon' or 'Trainer' sprite will use the ?????'s palette.

The palettes are as follows:

  • 00: Brown
  • FC: Yellow
  • FE: Yellow
  • FF: Silver

If the player opens the bag and closes it, the game will attempt to use the bag as a source for its sprite.

In Pokémon Gold and Silver, but not in Crystal, encountering a ????? in the wild will cause corruption to memory addresses D03B-D03F (excluding D03E), by writing FF to them. The cause of this is undocumented. This corruption means that the battle will be turned into a link battle (where items are not allowed), and the game will lockup on the "Waiting...!" message upon trying to fight, switch to another Pokémon, or run.