Hidden Safari Zone entrance Nugget glitch

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Itemfinder responding that there is an item in the Safari Zone gate. There is no available item other than a Nugget out of bounds of the map.

The hidden Safari Zone entrance Nugget is a hidden item located out of bounds in the Safari Zone gate map (map 0x9C).

At this location, there is a hidden Nugget out of bounds of the map (the normal size of the map is so it is normally impossible to get it). This Nugget is located at x=0A, y=01 (x=10, y=1). This is outside of the actual map size. (8x6 tiles).

If you use your Itemfinder at the east-most walkable tile of the Safari Zone exit it will say there is an item. (see YouTube video) This is because it is indeed this Nugget.

With an expanded items pack, you can manipulate your x and y position by changing the quantity of item 34 (y position; the actual item is always an HM03 or HM04 here) and the identifier of item 35 (x position); so you can replace item 34 with a tossable item (swapping the HM03 with the item stack 4 items above the HM03 may work) and set its quantity to 1 (y=01), and then replace item 35 with an Antidote (x=0B), and then you should be able to obtain the Nugget by facing left and pressing A.

If you want to get the Nugget with cheats, without having to use item underflow, go to the Safari Zone entrance, enter the codes (Red/Blue): 010161D3 010B62D3 or (Yellow): 010160D3 010B61D3, face left, and then press A, and you should get the Nugget.

YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL

Note that in the above video, the player used a Moon Stone x1 instead of an Antidote. Though it works, you may have to walk through walls one tile to the left using another glitch, so you should probably not bother with using a Moon Stone x1.


As with the unobtainable Max Elixer in unused map 0x6F, it is possible that this map underwent a design change in the past, but the hidden items were unchanged.