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Using arbitrary code execution, the player may port the badge describer glitch to English versions.


Via GameShark code 01xx7BCF (Yellow) or 01xx7CCF (Red/Blue), it was discovered the non-badge effects are still there, but the player just can't access them without arbitrary code execution.

In English Yellow, TM53 (hex:FD) is an example of a glitch text box sourced from RAM (specifically at DBF0); so adding 08 followed by ASM here allows the player to execute arbitrary code execution again (done here for encountering a Mew with 3E 15 EA 58 D0 C9) (however, in this case it is obsolete, as arbitrary code execution was already used to set up the badge describer glitch).

The below inventory requirements for arbitrary code execution to item 3, will enable the badge describer glitch in Yellow:

i3: Lemonade x46

i4: TM24 x 129

i5: Lemonade x 211

i6: TM24 x 130

i7: Lemonade x 195

i8: TM24 x 128

i9: TM01 x4 (although it's a TM01 it isn't the end of the code)

Lemonade x (item of player's choice)

i10: TM34 x123

i11: TM07 x201


  • ChickasaurusGL (article text)
  • Unknown person who noted badge describer glitch with a cheating device

YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL