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Name (transcribed): B2F
RB item 54 inventory.png

Identifier (HEX): 54
Identifier (DEC): 084
Effect pointer: 57FA
Unterminated name glitch item?: No
Tossable/Sellable?: Yes
Buy Price: 0
Sell Price: 0
Name bytes: {{{9}}}

B2F glitch item name.png (hex:54) is a glitch item in Pokémon Red and Blue. Its name is taken from lists of lift destinations.

When used outside of battle, a Poké Ball animation may appear with one of Professor Oak's 'good Pokédex' jingles playing, and the game will use up a stack of this item. The Poké Ball will attempt to catch something and will reveal a glitch sprite, but may fail (it might actually fail always).

When used in battle, it may act as a Poké Ball that always allows the Pokémon to break free.