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Name (transcribed): (blank)
RB item B5 inventory.png

Identifier (HEX): B5
Identifier (DEC): 181
Effect pointer: ?
Unterminated name glitch item?: No
Tossable/Sellable?: Yes
Buy Price: 949681 (8#9681)
Sell Price: 474840
Name bytes: $50

RBItemB5.png (hex:B5) is a glitch item in Pokémon Red and Blue.

It is a Rival's effect glitch item which opens the menu from both in and outside of battle. From outside of battle, if the player exits the menu with B they can enter a glitched state where they can walk through walls that are one tile thick.

If the player selects a Pokémon without full HP instead, it will heal up to 80 HP and use up the item.