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Name (transcribed): なかよしバッヂ
RGB item 67 inventory.png

Identifier (HEX): 67
Identifier (DEC): 103
Effect pointer: D983
Unterminated name glitch item?: No
Tossable/Sellable?: Yes
Buy Price: 509343 (508##3)
Sell Price: 254671
Name bytes: {{{9}}}

RGBItem67.png (hex:67) is a glitch item in Pokémon Red, Green, and Pokémon Blue (Japanese).

Its name is taken from the unused Japanese list strings. In the English versions, this string was untranslated resulting in mojibake "w 'l#m#".

Using this glitch item causes arbitrary code execution at region D983 in WRAM; which is the number of stored Safari Balls followed by the Day Care structure.

Here a Day Care Pokémon name such as "ガガてルめ" can be used to redirect the game to item slot 3 in the player's inventory or alternatively fall through to a bootstrap code in stored Pokémon data.

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