Jacred inventory corruption

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Inventory and screen corruption caused by (variable name) (0x00)

Jacred inventory corruption is an effect in Pokémon Red and Blue caused by encountering the (variable name) (0x00) glitch Trainer; available via the Trainer escape glitch with a Special stat of 200.

For it to work, the player must use a specific Attack-stage modifier for the foe, i.e. Attack-stage modifier value of 5 (-2 stages from default) or 8 (+1 stage from default).

This can be achieved with the Ditto glitch, by using Growl on the Ditto twice (for the roster 5 variation) or having it use Swords Dance and then be affected by Growl (for the roster 8 value).

Upon encountering the Trainer and opening the inventory, the player's inventory may become corrupted, filled with POKéTRAINER glitch items, as will the overworld when a Master Ball is used to get outside of battle. The screen may also turn a different color, such as purple and green.

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