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The Vermilion Pokémon Gym Glitch City caused by meta-map script 0x1A

This article details various glitch meta-map scripts in Vermilion City's Pokémon Gym in Pokémon Red and Blue.

The script is controlled by memory address D5FE.


Done at entrance:

  • 0x08: Arbitrary code execution at region F03E in Echo RAM (a copy of D03E in RAM)
  • 0x12: Walking lag and invisible text boxes, which may possibly play sound and depend on where the player stands
  • 0x14: Screen may flash and then arbitrary code execution at region C74E in WRAM may occur. This may be followed by Lt. Surge's message about the benefits of the ThunderBadge and his TM24 gift. A glitch map block may also be placed in the room.
  • 0x1A: Walking around may cause a Glitch City. Can be seen around the boundaries of the map, but may actually corrupt the tiles near where the player is standing as well (as evident by pressing Start to open the menu, which displays the actual Glitch City)
  • 0x22: Arbitrary code execution at region D72A in WRAM

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