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This article details various glitch meta-map scripts in the Hall of Fame room (0x76) in Pokémon Red and Blue.

The script is controlled by memory address D64B.


  • 0x00: While probably not a glitch meta-map script, locking this value to 0x00 may have Red continuously walk up until he goes out of bounds, freezing the game.
  • 0x0A: May play lots of glitch sounds/walking lag glitch
  • 0x0E: Unknown opcode (0xD3) at 21D3 in ROM. If avoided (i.e. playing on Virtual Console) may instead lock up the game (unconfirmed on Nintendo 3DS as of now) with the music still playing.
  • 0x0F: Arbitrary code execution at region D733 in RAM
  • 0x10, 0x15: Game may freeze
  • 0x11: Arbitrary code execution at region CB23 in RAM
  • 0x12: Arbitrary code execution at region AFC6 in SRAM
  • 0x13, 0x14: Unknown effect/game may not freeze
  • 0xFE: May load the Hall of Fame room, but a direction key on the d-pad may warp the player to a gate (Route 12-Route 13) (hex:57) Glitch City.

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