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This article details various glitch meta-map scripts in Agatha's Pokémon League room in Pokémon Red and Blue.

The script is controlled by memory address D64F.


  • 0x01: Trainer escape glitch compatible script
  • 0x04: Can bypass 'don't run away' script. Arbitrary code execution at CCD3 may follow on from a victory against Agatha
  • 0x05, 0x13: Game may freeze after challenging Agatha, otherwise no noticeable effect
  • 0x06: Arbitrary code execution at CCD3
  • 0x07, 0x29: Hall of Fame induction glitch script
  • 0x08-0x0B, 0x0E, 0x0F: Game may freeze
  • 0x0C: Unknown opcode at 38EB (freeze on original hardware or theoretical freeze on 3DS Virtual Console)
  • 0x0D: Arbitrary code execution at CDCD
  • 0x10: Can bypass 'don't run away' script. Arbitrary code execution at DA39 may follow on from a victory against Agatha
  • 0x11: Arbitrary code execution at EAD6 (CAD6)
  • 0x12: Arbitrary code execution at DA39
  • 0x14: Game may freeze
  • 0x15: Arbitrary code execution at BFCD
  • 0x20: Warp the player back to the last Pokémon Center healed at/otherwise Pallet Town. If the player can manipulate wLastBlackoutMap (D719) beforehand, this can be used to 'change' the warp to anywhere, though certain maps may load a Glitch City and the Hall of Fame (0x76) may place the player out of bounds and freeze the game.
  • 0x35: Constantly walk left for a while, bumping into the gravestones then ACE (CBEA) but the game freezes after even if it is ret.
  • 0x38: ACE (FAFF (DAFF))
  • 0x4B: All buttons unresponsive except for Start (which opens up Start menu), can manipulate D367 (W_CURMAPTILESET) to escape with seemingly no side effects.
  • 0x57: Music becomes choppy, invisible Start menu is open, pressing A resets the game
  • 0x59: Glitch sound effects play and very slow walking lag glitch
  • 0x63: ACE (FD17 (DD17))
  • 0x6A, 0x78, 0x7A: Reset the game
  • 0x72: ACE (F641 (D641))
  • 0x77: ACE (F605 (D605))
  • 0x79: ACE (F604 (D604))
  • 0x7F: (Main article: Agatha's badge describer glitch) If the player presses A four times, brings up an invisible glitched Cerulean City badge describer menu. It's possible to do glitches like a port of the badge describer glitch in the Japanese versions, including potentially arbitrary code execution from glitch badges, but since everything is invisible it requires memorization of the menu (including the scrolling and lag from unterminated name badges (items)). The player can view the VRAM at 9C00 (e.g. using BGB emulator) to reveal the menu, though the font is still glitched. (See also: BadgeDescriptionDex)
  • 0x80-0xFF: Same as 0x00-0x7F?
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