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This article details various glitch meta-map scripts at Unknown Dungeon (Mewtwo's floor; B1F) in Pokémon Red and Blue.

The script is controlled by memory address D650.


  • 0x01: Trainer escape glitch compatible script
  • 0x02, 0x0C: Unknown effect/game may not freeze
  • 0x03: Arbitrary code execution at F808 (D808)
  • 0x04-0x06, 0x14: Game may freeze
  • 0x07: Arbitrary code execution at D85F
  • 0x08-0x0B: Walking lag (Vileplume's cry may play every step) repeatedly
  • 0x0D: Game may freeze after appearance of corrupted tiles on screen
  • 0x0E: Arbitrary code execution at CD5F
  • 0x0F: Glitch audio may play and script may soon change to 0x11 (walking around might be necessary)
  • 0x12: Invalid opcode at 11:5CE8 (original hardware: freeze, 3DS Virtual Console: unknown effect)
  • 0x13: Controls may lock, and eventually what seems like an invisible evolution screen may appear. Game may appear to lock up with music still playing afterwards.
  • 0x15: Arbitrary code execution at D0CD

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