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This article details various glitch meta-map scripts for Seafoam Islands' second to last basement floor in Pokémon Red and Blue. The script is controlled by memory address D666.

  • 0x00: Map works as it typically would
  • 0x01: Can move in water with no water current restrictions
  • 0x02: Simulated d-pad movements occur
  • 0x03: Unknown (no noticed effect)
  • 0x04: Arbitrary code execution of 80FA in VRAM
  • 0x05: Arbitrary code execution of E6D8 (C6D8) in Echo RAM
  • 0x06: Game attempts to run OAM FE03 region
  • 0x07: ACE (C803)
  • 0x08: ACE (8000 in VRAM)
  • 0x09: Game may attempt to run inaccessible FED3 region
  • 0x0A: ACE (C008 in WRAM)
  • 0x0B: Unknown (no noticed effect)
  • 0x0C: Attempts to run FFD3 like 0x09
  • 0x0D: ACE (C00F)
  • 0x0E: ACE (D321)
  • 0x0F: Map glitches out, Surfing sprite may swim up on spot
  • 0x10: Game may freeze
  • 0x11: Player sprite may be frozen with movement disabled. If this script ID is changed, player can move again.
  • 0x12: Unknown (no noticed effect)
  • 0x13: Invalid opcode freeze (at 38EB). If on Virtual Console, unknown effect.
  • 0x14: ACE (CDCD)
  • 0x15: See 0x11
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