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Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime title.png
Wikipedia link Metroid Prime
Developer(s) Retro Studios, Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube
Release date(s) February 28, 2003 (Japan)
November 17, 2002 (USA)
March 31, 2003 (Europe)
April 3, 2003 (Australasia)
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Metroid Prime is a game in Nintendo's Metroid series for Nintendo GameCube, following Super Metroid from eight years ago since the release of this game in 1994.

Enemy Glitches

Frozen Omega Pirate

Makes the Omega Pirate temporarily immobile, allowing you to deal damage before it even attacks. You must have previously seen the cutscene before the Omega Pirate breaks out of its stasis chamber Go to the far left or right sides of the room and walk to the area where to cutscene occurs. Skip the cutscene. This will only work on the earlier discs of the North American GameCube version. The bottom of the disc must read DOL-GM8E-0-00 USA or DOL-GM8E-0-00 JPN.

Meta Ridley Glitch

Heavily damages Meta Ridley, taking him to his ground phase. You must have the Boost Ball in order for this to work and the battle also must be in the aerial phase. When Meta Ridley lands during the aerial phase of the battle, Boost into his chest. This will only work on the GameCube versions of the game.

Metroid Prime Glitch

Keeps the Metroid Prime from hurting you in the final phase. Be in the final boss battle with the Metroid Prime During the battle, look to your right for a small red root thing. jump on top of it and stay there. The Metroid Prime's ground energy attack will not harm you All other attacks, including contact, will still harm you. This is possible in all versions, including the trilogy.


Chozo Ruins Crash

Crashes the game Have the original North American version of the game Use one of the elevators in the Chozo Ruins. This only works in the original North American version of the game and has been corrected in later releases. This will also only occur on rare occasions and will not damage any saved game.

Artifact of Warrior disappear

Causes the Artifact of Warrior to disappear without being collected. Have an older version of the game and be at where you collect the artifact. After defeating the Phazon Elite, leave the room, and reenter. This makes the save file unable to be beaten, forcing the start of a new file. It has been fixed in later versions of the game by locking the door, forcing Samus to collect the artifact.

Sound Bugs


Metroid Prime

Prevents music from playing during the battle against Metroid Prime's core essence Have previously seen the cutscene before the battle on the current file Skip the cutscene before Metroid Prime emerges from the remains of its exoskeleton

Save Stations

Repeats the track that plays in Save Stations Have saved the game previously Load the game from any Save Station This only occurs on occasion and the correct track for the area you are currently in will start when you enter a location with a different track

Miscellaneous Glitches

Rapid Fire Missiles

Allows Missiles to be launched at a much higher rate Have the Missile Launcher, Power Beam must be used Press Y Button (Dpad Down in the Wii versions) to launch a Missile then fire the Power Beam with A Button(A Button in the Wii versions), alternate between the two to fire large amounts Missiles in a short amount of time This occurs in all versions of the game, up the three Missiles may be out at the same time. In the GameCube version of the game, instead of using the Power Beam, the C-Stick may be tilted up and only Y Button will need to be pressed