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This article is incomplete. Please feel free to add any missing information about the subject. It is missing: There is a lot more to this trick, such as how to use it to unlock Faraway Island and Birth Island; in combination with double corruption.

The News Reporter trick is an extension to Pomeg data corruption glitch, but more specifically, to any glitch that allows the player to obtain a Decamark. Using Slateport City's Pokémon news reporter, when the player views the (real) name of a specific Decamark at Slateport City, it causes a buffer overflow; causing the game to cause mass corruption of the memory. There are Decamarks with names that can be abused for this glitch, as they are not too long (causing a game freeze or not too short (causing negligible corruption)).


  • Corrupting the 'used Pokémon in battle' flag to an invalid value (Pokémon #104). With careful use, the player can lose HP on that Pokémon to set an event flag; tricking the game into allowing the player to access Faraway Island or Birth Island if the tickets have been obtained with double corruption. Unfortunately, no way to do this (a flag corruption trick) is known in English Emerald without arbitrary code execution (author of this article is unsure about Japanese version), however, examples of Decamarks for other versions to do it are as such: French 0x94F8, German 0x94F8, Spanish 0x2A12, Italian 0xE318.[1]
  • Nickname any Pokémon (Generation III): EN Emerald Decamark 0x28C2


  • User:Torchickens noticed the glitch early by chance while experimenting, but is unsure who found it. User:Metarkrai researched it in great depth and found great applications of the glitch.


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