Partial battle escape

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A "-gm" (hex:6A) (hex:6A) in the inventory in Pokémon Yellow.

Partial battle escape is an effect in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. These glitches cause a normal wild Pokémon battle to partially end, making them useful for LOL glitch and other glitches. In a Trainer battle or scripted Pokémon battle, they will instead restart the battle.

A partial battle escape can be activated with a few glitch items, glitch moves, and glitch Pokémon Pokédex entries.

The partial battle escape on non-glitch items has also been referred to as pseudo-LG.

On glitch items

There are many partial battle escape glitch items. Some examples include 9F (hex:5E) from Pokémon Red and Blue, as well as -gm (hex:6A) and Lg- (hex:6E) from Pokémon Yellow.

On glitch moves

Some examples of partial escape glitch moves are (variable name) (0xA8) (Pokémon Red and Blue Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console) and TM48 (0xF8) (Pokémon Yellow), among others.

On Pokédex entries

Partial battle escape is documented on Aゥ G (hex:D4, English Red/Blue) and ゥ Ó ÙM (0xF3, Spanish Red/Blue)'s Pokédex entries.

On glitch field moves

Partial battle escape is documented on field move 0x0E in Pokémon Red and Blue.