Pokémon cloning (GTS method, Generation IV)

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This glitch allowed the player to clone Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl using the Global Trading System (GTS). As of May 20th, 2014 (when the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service was discontinued), it is no longer possible to perform this glitch with the official server.

It could not be performed for Pokémon with the Classic Ribbon because those Pokémon could not be deposited on to the GTS.


  • Access to the Global Trade System

Procedure 1

  1. The user logs into the Global Trade System.
  2. The user deposits a Pokémon into a box.
  3. As the wireless communications start (the WLAN/Wireless light starts blinking), the user shuts off power.

The procedure is not always successful, however.

Procedure 2

A similar, equally accurate method follows:

  1. Turn off all programs that use the internet. This means no internet, no MSN, no AIM, etc. Shut them all down.
  2. Start->control panel->network connections
  3. In it, there should be something along the lines of "Local Area Connection". Double click it.
  4. There should be a zone labeled Activity with a picture of two computers. The computers should have grey screens but might light up occasionally. If either computer is lighting up more than once every few seconds, check to make sure all internet programs are shut down.
  5. Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The computers will light up but should go back to grey screens in a few seconds.
  6. Offer the Pokémon. Count until almost 7 revolutions of the clock have taken place. Then look up at the computer monitor screen. There will be a point where BOTH the sending and receiving computers light up at the same time. This is the cue to turn the game off. There is less than even a half of a second to do this, so the screens must be anticipated.

If done correctly, the Pokemon will be cloned.

Procedure 3

A less accurate way is as follows:

  1. Log into Global Trade System.
  2. Deposit the Pokémon the player wants to clone.
  3. Shut the DS off when the wheel [in the right-hand corner] goes around about 6 times.

This is not always successful but it works if one turns the Nintendo DS off at around the right time.

Video Demonstration

YouTube video by Reuben Bosch