Pokémon cloning (Generation VIII)

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Pokémon cloning in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl allows the player to clone at least 30 Pokémon at once. There is more than one method to cloning.

Method 1


  • Access to the Pokémon Nursery.
  • 500 Poké or more.
  • Pokémon to be cloned in the box.
  • Space in one of the Battle Teams for the Pokémon to be cloned.
  • A Pokémon to be given to the Pokémon Nursery.


  1. Register a Pokémon to a slot in the Battle Teams function of the PC.
  2. Place a Pokémon in another box to be in the same slot as the registered Pokémon.
    • For example: If the Pokémon in Box 4, Column 3, Row 5 was registered, place a Pokémon into Column 3, Row 5 of any other box.
  3. Enter the Solaceon Nursery.
  4. Talk to the Pokémon Nursery Lady behind the desk.
    • Remove any Pokémon already in the Nursery, if needed.
  5. Select Yes when you are asked if you would like the Nursery Lady to take care of your Pokémon.
  6. Select the Pokémon that is not registered in the Battle Team.
  7. Go down to the Box List option and select it.
  8. Press the Y button on the current box to begin swapping it with another box
  9. Move the cursor to the Box with the Battle Team registered Pokémon and press the Y button to swap them
  10. Press the B button to back out of the Box List menu. You will now be in the box with the registered Pokémon, which will now be shown as selected.
  11. Press the B and then A buttons to finish.
  12. The Pokémon Nursery Lady will say how much it will cost and if it is alright. Select Yes.
  13. The Pokémon that was registered will be deposited into the Nursery.
  14. Go to the PC Boxes.
  15. Go to the Battle Teams option.
  16. Upon doing so, a Pokémon will be at the bottom of the Battle Team called "ぽけもんめい" in Hiragana at Lv.99; a likely translation for the name is "Pokémon Mel" or "Pokémon Name".
    • It is not recommended to move the cursor over this Pokémon as it will cause the game to freeze outside of the current music playing, requiring a reset.
  17. Place a Pokémon not to clone in Slot 2 of the Battle Team. This will cause it to move to Slot 1.
    • It is recommended that this is not a valuable Pokémon in case a mistake was made as this might cause the Pokémon to be deleted.
  18. Place a Pokémon to clone in Slot 2 of the Battle Team. This will cause an animation of it moving into Slot 3 to play, but it will show the Pokémon still in Slot 2.
    • If this Pokémon has a held item attached, it will be cloned as well.
  19. Go to the Pokémon in Slot 2 and select the Check summary option.
  20. Afterwards, press the B button to back out of the summary menu.
  21. There will now be a clone in Slot 3 based off the Pokémon that was placed in Slot 2. Slot 6 will now be empty and the Pokémon can now be deregistered.

How it works

By removing a Pokémon from the PC that was registered in the Battle Team, the game appears to move the slots of each Register Pokémon in a Battle Team up one spot. In the case of Slot 6, an invalid Pokémon appears due to data being moved incorrectly. This invalid Pokémon causes Pokémon placed into the slots of the Battle Team to be moved around somewhat erratically due to confusion by the game regarding which Pokémon are registered in the Battle Team.


  • Make sure to follow the steps exactly or else Pokémon could be deleted.
  • It is possible to clone items with this method.

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