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To be implemented into a possible Generation II section

These were domain names once registered by Nintendo (some still are) before the official Gen. II Pokémon names were revealed, need to find any possible additional Pokémon domain names and determine whether those are 'official' in that sense.

Araidos (Ariados) Kurobat (Crobat) Centerity (Ampharos) Trillix (Misdreavus) ????? (Unown) Chrashin (Slowking) Duglari (Dunsparce) Moonlite (Teddiursa) Soloar (Ursaring) Sirnub (Piloswine) Artibull (Smeargle) Hitmontot (Tyrogue) Selebi (Celebi)

--Torchickens 15:28, 21 July 2010 (UTC)