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In the pret pokegold disassembly:

The Dragon Scale item (as defined in /data/items/attributes.asm Line 312) has the held effect HELD_DRAGON_BOOST (boost power of Dragon type moves), and parameter of 10 (+10% in damage calculation, as seen in /engine/battle/effect_commands.asm Line 3028).

However the Dragon Fang item (as defined in /data/items/attributes.asm Line 298) has the held effect HELD_NONE and parameter of 0, thus doing nothing in battle.

(If curious, also see type_boost_items.asm and the use of TypeBoostItems in other files.)

This bug persists in Pokemon Crystal, as evidenced by /data/items/attributes.asm Line 298 and Line 312 in the pret pokecrystal disassembly. Both items' attributes are unchanged from Gold and Silver.

--ChainSwordCS (talk) 08:12, 20 March 2022 (UTC)