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Okay, I think that this glitch should be a side effect to the Viridian Trainer House Glitch. I also think that we should have a detailed description of all the side effects. I can help with that as I was a victim of this glitch and finding answers to it has surely made me feel better since I understand it better now. I've looked through the encounter reports on and have noticed the similarities to the reports of the side effect to what happened with my game. The Glitch Mail is only one side effect to this glitch. There is also another more beneficial side effect.

This side effect basically gives you all the Mystery Gift room ornaments!

In addition to this the text that's leftover from Red and Green for the player's names (RED and GREEN) sometimes appear in the glitch mail as the sender.

I can also confirm one of the more common glitch trainer's names: 9 I saw someone else with that trainer on trsrockin's little article.

this glitch trainer generally has an unknown variation of ????? that takes on the form of the last pokemon sent out and locks up the game (Sometimes with the link battle "WAITING... message displaying).

I'm going to replicate this glitch on an emulator for further analysis. I just need to find a code that would replicate the all of the side effects. Feed back on this would be nice. I can't contribute anything here until I get an okay and actually have some proof to back up my information that I already know is true.

By the way this is Glisp.