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"The player can inject .PKM data into the game (e.g. in the storage box) if the firmware is a compatible version. The player can modify their save file if on a custom firmware (thanks to an exploit such as SoundHax)." I wouldn't say this belongs here. Save editing and memory editing have been around since Gen I, and this would mean we'd have to mentiom Gameshark codes and the like as well, even if it's possible to make the result closer to a legitimate Mew now due to more knowledge of how to correctly modify the data. Sherkel (talk) 16:53, 9 January 2019 (-06)

Do we really need this page?

Cases against this page:

  • It doesn't really add visibility to any of the pages linked to (since this page itself has pretty much no visibility).
  • It is poorly organized and may be more confusing than helpful. (For example, it is in alphabetical order, so it doesn't highlight the glitches that are easiest to perform for players that actually want a Mew.)
  • Restricting to just Mew instead of "arbitrary Pokémon"/"Pokémon in a range" is unnecessarily narrow.
  • A significant portion of items on this page are ACE glitches/tricks. There is little point in enumerating them here and they bloat up the list.
  • It is difficult to keep such a list up to date, which would be fine for a list that people find actually useful and are willing to update frequently, but realistically we could only support a few of such lists, and I don't think this page would be worth the effort.

What do you all think? Bbbbbbbbba (talk) 12:59, 21 November 2019 (-06)