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Potential problems

The problems that a "Project cheat code" would need to solve are:

  • In theory, at least one useful cheat code should exist for almost every RAM address, not to mention ROM addresses, which would make cheat code pages too large an information dump.
  • To people who know how cheat codes work, information in those pages overlap a lot with memory maps (RAM maps/ROM maps). Duplicate information is generally more difficult to maintain.
  • Different cheat devices may have different encoding schemes (although I guess only GameShark codes for RAM and Game Genie codes for ROM are commonly used for GB, so maybe in general the same console won't have too many competing cheating devices?).

Maybe there is nothing wrong with a barely organized information dump; it can still help certain users find what they need more conveniently. However my feeling is that it will eat up more resource (human-hours) than it's worth. --Bbbbbbbbba (talk) 20:35, 4 January 2021 (EST)