Unterminated name Pokémon (Generation I)

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An unterminated name glitch Pokémon or Super Glitch Pokémon name is a Pokémon which does not have a terminating hex:50 character in its first eleven characters.

It is not to be confused with glitch Pokémon with names on summary screens that require the player to continually press A or B to continue, as this behavior may be due to the glitch Pokémon's name containing a control character rather than being unterminated.

Attempting to withdraw or deposit it from/in the PC may freeze the game or corrupt data based on the previously saved screen data.

Unterminated name glitch Pokémon may be used for the glitch oobLG.

Methods to obtain an unterminated name glitch Pokémon

Does not list arbitrary code execution, which can also be used to do this. See also glitch traders, which currently requires arbitrary code execution and can be used to obtain unterminated name glitch Pokémon.

1. When a stable unstable Missingno. (i.e. a non-Fossil or Ghost variant encountered with no save data and save data cleared from Up+Select+B on the title screen) is captured, the Pokémon will be captured immediately without the rolling animation.

If Cubone is not registered as seen in the Pokédex (see glitch Pokédex flags for more information), then the Rhydon trap will occur and the game will ask the player if they want to give a nickname to a Rhydon named "MASTER BALL". If the player decides not to nickname this Rhydon, they will obtain a Rhydon named "MASTER BALL" that has an unterminated nickname.

Note that Cubone must not be registered as seen in the Pokédex or the player will obtain a Missingno. with the nickname "PP Up" instead, which is a terminated name.

2. Unterminated name glitch Pokémon may be encountered in an expanded SRAM glitch party[clarification needed], or from a party expanded with Super Glitch.

3. In English Red, viewing the glitched Pokédex rating for having 152 Pokémon registered in the Pokédex repeatedly can corrupt data including but not limited to stored PC Pokémon (including their species, moves, names).

4. Stack corruption from 9F in Pokémon Red and Blue.