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DHNhIT4 89 ゥ N (0x74), an unterminated name glitch item, as it appears in Yellow.

An unterminated name glitch item is a glitch item with a name that doesn't end with the terminator byte 0x50.

Depending on a copy of the game's screen data that is saved after actions such as when the items menu is opened, pressing A on the item will cause the corruption of bytes at memory address CF4B and onward. If there is no 0x50 sub-tile present on the screen the game will likely freeze due to the corruption being too long. (The game will attempt to continue reading the name of an item, attack, or other string of text until a terminator byte is found, and so unterminated name glitch items cause the game to keep reading input beyond where the item name would normally end. See wram.asm for more details.)

They are useful for multiple glitch techniques, such as LOL glitch, instant encounter infinite chain glitch, LGFly and Yami Shop glitch.

In Pokémon Red and Blue, normally when used in a battle with non-corrupted tiles these glitch items will cause the TMTRAINER effect. In Pokémon Yellow, normally when used in a battle with non-corrupted tiles these glitch items may cause the game to freeze.

Possible side effects in Red/Blue

  • Corruption of the player's sprite
  • Corruption of the player's walking animation
  • Encounter with The Hooked Metapod
  • May act like glitch item 8# 8 (hex:7C) is 0x50 sub-tile is past y=08, x=02 (a screen data saving glitch item)
  • May make music fade out (and) play a sound effect.
  • May make the Start menu invisible
  • Selection of an item may be forced
  • TMTRAINER effect in battle
  • Yami Shop glitch

Possible side effects in Yellow

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  • May freeze the game in battle
  • Yami Shop glitch

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