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It has struck me that this wiki would probably always be filled with a lot of pet projects, since that is what glitching is all about. This is not a bad thing, even though it can be very frustrating to try to manage someone else's pet project.

Well, I also have my own pet projects. I had hoped that they would also be of value to the community at large, but it seems that this is not the case. So I will do what I want to do anyway. Even if I wouldn't be able to follow through. Even if I would break more things than I fix.

In case I get in someone else's way, you can always talk to me on the GCRI Discord (preferred) or on my talk page.

About me

I used to be an emulator glitcher. Now I no longer use emulators or ROM files, but I also don't own any Pokémon games. This means that I cannot actually test any glitches. Instead, I rely on the disassembly projects (and the corresponding symbol files) (for now, they do not count as ROM files by my standards, even though matching disassembly projects are a complete representation of the contents of the ROM), using logic to deduce the results of certain procedures and the reasons for certain behaviors. In this process, I also rely on information on the internet, especially in the GCRI Discord and on this very wiki, to find interesting phenomena to study and to verify the soundness of my conclusions. Still, this process is necessarily error-prone. I would love for someone else to check my work, but it seems that most glitchers aren't interested in the same things I am.

I mainly study Generation I and Generation II Pokémon games, which is without doubt mainly because of the availability of complete, matching disassembly projects for those games.


Below is a list of my WIPs. Everyone is welcome to edit them, although please be aware that I myself might never return to any of these projects. Still, feel free to discuss any of them with me.