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This article does not relate to this wiki (Glitch City Wiki), but to Glitch City Laboratories. It is kept here for archival purposes.

Privacy Policy:

Glitch City Laboratories (GCL) Admins and Staff will never give any info you post on the forums, this site, or the wiki to any third party. Even the info that is logged by the server like IP addresses and hostmasks.

Staff and Admins at Glitch City Laboratories will NEVER use the info you provide to personally identify you.

Members do not have to give their real e-mail when registering as it is not needed, but they will have to later should a member want to receive updates on threads, boards, Private Personal Messages, wiki articles, and wiki talk pages that the member has requested notifications.

Members can choose to make the e-mail that they provide private and hidden from the public. GCL Admins and Staff can still see a member's e-mail if he/she has done this, but it will only be used for urgent contacting purposes.

Admins cannot see any Private Personal Messages except for the site owner, Abwayax, and he will not give any information contained in these to other admins, unless there's rule breaking content or a plan to cause havoc on the forums, or any third party like other members and non-GCL related sites or users. Any messages that have been reported by the member of a rule breaking PM will become visible to Admins to review what rules have been broken and give out punishments and restrictions if needed. If this concerns you, please use an alternate method of contact.

All threads or posts that you post on GCL forums are visible to other guests, members, staff, and admins that can access the board you have posted on.

Any additional info in your profile like gender, additional contact info, age, location, etc. is completely optional and does not need to be filled out.

Any searches you make on GCL forums, wiki, or the site cannot be seen by anyone.