Pokémon Yellow Game Genie codes

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This article lists Game Genie codes for English Pokémon Yellow.

English Pokémon Yellow does not normally work properly on a physical Game Genie due to an invisible screen, however, if the game is played 'blind' (i.e. the player listens to sounds but cannot see the gameplay) it is possible to play with a physical Game Genie without modifications.

Japanese Yellow does work on a Game Genie, but due to differences in the ROMs, may need to be covered in a different article.

Trainer class modifier/access artificial Trainer classes (source: ChickasaurusGL)

yy0-2F9-C49 3E0-2E9-B31

Change Pokémon's Pokédex numbers (thanks: Crystal_)

Supports artificial glitch Pokémon families.





Game Corner slots emote bubble modifier


(08 and up are glitch emote bubbles)

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