Invisible/misaligned character glitch

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The invisible character glitch, activated

The invisible/misaligned character glitch is a glitch derivative of glitch Pokémon ?/ (0xEC) and ♂ p ゥ (0xF4) in Pokémon Yellow.

It allows the player character to become invisible, or misaligned after jumping off a ledge.


In Pokémon Yellow, the glitch Pokémon ?/ (ECh) and ♂ p ゥ (F4h) have the unusual ability of making the player character appear invisible after their stats are viewed outside of battle. They may also change the sprites of other, non-playable characters.

Viewing the stats of these glitch Pokémon via Start-Pokémon will cause the music to stop or glitch music to play. It will then take some time before you're able to exit the stats screen and return to the game. Upon closing the Start menu the player character will seemingly disappear, but you can still walk around as if nothing happened.

After the glitch, if the player jumps off a ledge, the player's sprite becomes misaligned - about two spaces to the west of where Red actually is.

Entering a building won't fix this glitch, but you can use Fly to return the sprites back to normal.

In order to obtain one of these glitch Pokémon you must perform one of the available glitches listed on their respective articles.

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