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This article does not relate to this wiki (Glitch City Wiki), but to Glitch City Laboratories. It is kept here for archival purposes.

While we deconstruct the Pokémon games, we do not endorse cheating which may be against Nintendo's terms of service, nor video game emulation of unauthorised video game copies, nor anything which violates technological protection measures (e.g. custom firmwares) which may be illegal. Hence readers are to make use of the information on this website at their own risk.

Please note that the Glitch City Laboratories wiki is subject to error, and we sadly have no guarantee of a glitch working as described or on rarer occasions whether a certain glitch has the ability to destroy the save data.

However, if a glitch does not work as expected we suggest bringing it up on the article's talk page. Our staff will review the edits made to articles as per the validation process, in which contributions are peer reviewed.

Content on Glitch City Laboratories is subject to copyright.