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This article does not relate to this wiki (Glitch City Wiki), but to Glitch City Laboratories. It is kept here for archival purposes.

All edits on Glitch City Laboratories undergo article validation. This is the process by which a member of Staff vets an edit. This signifies approval from the GCL staff and an assurance from (self-proclaimed) Pokémon Glitch experts that the current revision is accurate.

Basics of article revision

Here's the rundown.

Starting a new article

  • You create the article. At this time, the article is by default hidden to viewers. There is an option to unhide it, but unreviewed articles carry a warning.
  • Your article is currently a draft and awaits review by Staff. If Staff review and approve the article, it will be marked as a stable revision. If a member of Staff finds the article is inaccurate, it will be deleted or revised.

Editing an existing article

  • You edit the article.
  • The "stable" revision remains the revision shown to guests and members. A member of Staff will review the draft revision and decide whether or not to flag it as stable. If the Staff member deems it inaccurate or inappropriate, the article will be reverted back to the stable version.

What is expected at Glitch City Laboratories

See Glitch City Wiki:What is expected of articles for a rundown on that.