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Welcome to Glitch City Wiki, a Pokémon Wiki dedicated to the various glitches and quirks of the game series. It is a living archive based on the content of the Glitch City Laboratories wiki.

It has 3,665 pages.


All pages — All pages on the wiki.

Major glitches — The most powerful glitches, such as those that allow you to obtain any Pokémon in the game.

Glitches by generation — A parent category of nine categories of Pokémon glitches by generation. Useful for looking up any particular glitch.

The Big HEX List — A reference table for index numbers and matching Pokémon, items, moves, characters and Game Boy ASM opcodes!

Databases ("Dexes") — Exhaustive lists of specific glitch Pokémon, glitch items, glitch moves and other glitch things, overflowing with information on their stats, effects, and other intricacies.

Interactive tools — Tools that will help out for planning a specific outcome from a glitch, such as the old man trick name generator which is an easy way to know what old man trick name will yield what Pokémon.

Reference documents — Pages not directly related to glitching, but containing info on topics such as other exploits, easter eggs, unused content, GameShark codes, in addition to how and why it all works.

External Links

Glitch City Research Institute Discord — The officially designated successor community to Glitch City Laboratories.