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Route 25 (y=09, x=00)
Invisible player caused by meta-map script 0x03

This article details various glitch meta-map scripts on Route 25 in Pokémon Red and Blue.

The script is controlled by memory address D603.


Tested at y=09, x=00 (bottom Route 24 approach across the path above the posts)

  • 0x03: Taking one step left from the above position (or the position one tile above it) may make the player character invisible. If done at a greater x-coordinate, the player's sprite may appear on the left side of the screen instead. This effect wears off after Flying, Teleporting or Escape Roping away, but not after entering a building.
  • 0x04, 0x05, 0x08: May cause walking lag
  • 0x06: One of the Trainer approach themes may play once, and then walking lag may occur afterwards
  • 0x07: The same Trainer approach theme may play two times in quick succession. Afterwards, the game may freeze due to an invalid opcode (0xD3) at pointer 14:578D in the ROM
  • 0x09: Same behavior as 0x07 after cursory analysis but the Trainer approach theme plays once
  • 0x0A: The same Trainer approach theme may play but the game may freeze afterwards
  • 0x0B, 0x0D: Same effect as 0x07 but without the change of music
  • 0x0F, 0x15: Arbitrary code execution at region D7F1 in RAM

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