Nintendo 3DS firmware exploits and homebrew

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This article is a summary page for different variations of a glitches, etc. when talked about as a whole.
The "homebrew launcher". Firmware exploits abuse hardware vulnerabilities to allow the user to do many things not endorsed by Nintendo, such as making unauthorized modifications to the Nintendo 3DS system, using homebrew software, or cheating in games.

Nintendo 3DS firmware exploits and homebrew refer to vulnerabilities in the Nintendo 3DS family systems which allow for many different types of exploits such as homebrew, data injection, accessing services without having to update, ROM patching, region lock circumvention and ultimately modification of the system's firmware.

Nintendo 3DS firmware exploits (or homebrew software installed via the exploit such as JK's SaveManager) may be used for modifying Pokémon save files or injecting Pokémon into the game.

An example of an early exploit for Pokémon X and Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire involves going on a webpage that would inject Pokémon data into the game. Nintendo patched this particular exploit with the 9.5.0-23 update (and with the release of the New Nintendo 3DS), and later versions of the Nintendo 3DS require the player to update their console's firmware to use the web browser, but new exploits were later found.

"SoundHax" is an example of a more recent Nintendo 3DS exploit which was developed by nedwill. This exploit involves the user using a Nintendo 3DS system with pre-prepared SD Card data and playing a special sound file on Nintendo 3DS Sound to boot the "homebrew launcher", in which the player can continue to perform exploits on the Nintendo 3DS.

In addition to exploiting the Nintendo 3DS system through a software vulnerability, it is possible for one to do it through physically modifying the Nintendo 3DS as well. This is known called "hardmodding".

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