Sketch glitch (final Gold/Silver/Crystal)

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The Sketch glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal that allows a Pokémon that used the move Transform to permanently keep a move at the conclusion of the battle via Sketch; if the Pokémon that the user transformed into knew it.

This is assumed to be a glitch because moves learned by Transform are meant to disappear after the battle.

The position of the new move depends on the position of Sketch before it was used. For example, consider a Ditto with just the move Transform. If after transforming it successfully sketches Splash, and Sketch was in the second position, it will know the moves Transform and Splash at the conclusion of the battle, in that order.


  1. Access to Viridian City's Trainer House.
  2. A Pokémon knowing Transform that can defeat the Pokémon it will transform into.
  3. Another game with a Smeargle (preferably in the first position) with Sketch and another move, and a Pokémon with a move that the Smeargle does not know.
  4. Two Game Boy Colors to use Mystery Gift. Later Game Boy systems (i.e. the Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP) do not count because they do not have infrared ports).
  5. Access to the Mystery Gift option from the Continue/New Game/Option screen, which can be enabled by talking to a girl in the Goldenrod Department Store in Game Boy Color mode.


1. Use Mystery Gift to get the second game's Trainer House data. Their party must have Pokémon that follow the requirements above. If using an emulator, try editing Trainer House memory addresses.

2. Take the Pokémon with Transform into the Trainer House in Viridian City.

Sketch glitch 1.png

3. Battle the other player and transform into the Smeargle.

Sketch glitch 2.pngSketch glitch 3.png

4. Defeat the Smeargle without getting defeated by it. The enemy Smeargle must not be the last Pokémon.

Sketch glitch 4.pngSketch glitch 5.png

5. Allow the next Pokémon to attack (but the user must not faint).

Sketch glitch 6.pngSketch glitch 7.pngSketch glitch 8.png

6. Copy its move with Sketch. Before this, put Sketch in a position you want.

Sketch glitch 9.pngSketch glitch 10.pngSketch glitch 11.png

7. End the battle and the move will be copied.

Sketch glitch 12.pngSketch glitch 13.pngSketch glitch 14.png

The position is where the copied move will be at the conclusion of the battle. For a normal Ditto, it's a good idea to have Sketch in the second position so it keeps both Transform (in the first position) and the new move (in the second position). Note that putting Sketch in the third position or fourth position for a normal Ditto will make the sketched move unselectable, even though the move appears in the relevant memory address.


The glitch has been said to work with Metronome selecting Transform, but this has not been confirmed by Glitch City Laboratories.

Mimic seems to fail when attempting to sketch Transform.

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