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Name: TM36
GS TM36.png

Identifier (HEX): E4
Identifier (DEC): 228
Effect pointer: 03:698A

TM36 is a wrong pocket TM in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Its description is "An attack that may poison the foe.".


TM36 will attempt to throw a Poké Ball to catch the last Pokémon in memory. The game will show a glitched Pokémon sprite instead of the normal Pokémon sprite. This can be done for an unlimited number of times and it is possible to successfully catch the Pokémon, but the catch rate is not 100%.

It is possible to increase the catch rate slightly by putting the last Pokémon to sleep and ending the battle with it still having this status ailment.

The game may freeze if the player has not encountered a Pokémon via a wild Pokémon battle or Trainer battle before using the item.

After closing the menu, the player may be placed in a Glitch City but it is possible to Fly away.

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