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Should we split this page and/or add infoboxes to it?

Currently, this page contains data for MissingNo. in multiple different versions (R/B and Y, English and Japanese, etc.), and has no infobox like those on other glitch Pokémon to organize those data, which makes it quite inconvenient to find specific pieces of information from this page. Therefore:

  • Since the properties of MissingNo. in different versions are significantly different, maybe each version should have its own MissingNo. page. Some information that is common to MissingNo. in all versions (e.g. that they are filler data) can be left on the disambiguation page.
  • Regardless of whether we split this page, we probably should have infoboxes for MissingNo., one for each game version. Although technically MissingNo. in each game is 39 different species, they share the same glitch Pokémon family and thus have most of their data in common.

If people don't have problems with these proposals, maybe when I have the time I can try to implement them. --Bbbbbbbbba (talk) 05:28, 24 October 2022 (UTC)