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Thank you for your elaboration on the page for Professor Oak's lab tilemap corruption glitch! Sherkel (talk) 12:09, 14 February 2019 (-06)

Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out the seemingly random circumstances that cause the sprite overflow. Currently the most useful clue I have is the characters ":" and "e" on the first line of the corrupted tilemap, which are hex 9C and A4 respectively. Those should correspond to the OAM entries of a male aide who is 4 pixels away from being fully off-screen. This is interesting because the player walks at 2 pixels per frame, meaning that it's not a simple off-by-one-frame error. I need to understand more about the overworld loop and sprite updating to make sense of this. Bbbbbbbbba (talk) 17:01, 14 February 2019 (-06)
Never mind, I just realized that all sprites are drawn 4 pixels higher, meaning that when the player walks up, they are designed abruptly disappear when they are still on screen by 4 pixels. Therefore the glitch indeed happens on that one exact frame. Bbbbbbbbba (talk) 18:02, 14 February 2019 (-06)
Really great to have another editor using the disassembly to expand on articles. It's also fine if this is the only one you want to focus on. Good catch with the typo in the SRAM glitch page too. Sherkel (talk) 12:31, 15 February 2019 (-06)

Thank you

Thank you for your persistently great edits! --Torchickens (talk) 14:40, 21 February 2019 (-06)

Thanks for your wiki magic on the breakpoints page. ^^ Mine wasn't very good. From Evie (Torchickens) ✿ 06:34, 11 September 2019 (-06)
Well, the point of Wiki Magic is that it is a collective effort. Not something done by a single person. Let's just enjoy the wiki process! Bbbbbbbbba (talk) 10:35, 11 September 2019 (-06)

Total control hacks

The reason is because these simulate videos or new games. Technically its not necessarily (so feel free to state a reason to remove with specifically why). Thanks, sorry I overlooked things.. From Evie (Torchickens) ✿ 13:17, 14 November 2019 (-06)

Ok sorry I was half asleep and had a 'brain fart'. Yes, there should be more non-total control examples there for better documentation. Thanks again. -From Evie (Torchickens) ✿