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Origin of the name of the "BGLSG" glitch.

The BGLSG glitch is a sub-glitch of the Pikachu off-screen glitch found in Pokémon Yellow. It was documented by LanceAndMissingNo. in 2017.

The name "BGLSG" is not an acronym, but rather refers to character strings which appear during a glitch text box while performing the glitch.


This glitch has various effects. It causes corruption of the movement of the player. Every move they make, their sprite changes to letters. And, when they walk, the screen moves abruptly. Curiously, nearby NPCs will be frozen, looking south.

If the player go into a building, the sprites will change. For example, the Chansey sprite in Celadon City will change to Blue's sprite. The walking effects will disappear.

In fact, if the player walks into a building or a cave, Pikachu will stay in the door. The only way to get it moving is talking to him. There is also an unusual effect which makes Pikachu run along the screen until it is placed behind the player. However, this effect only occurs when the player is close to Pikachu (for when Pikachu appears in the screen). Thanks to this effect, the player can do the Pikachu off-screen glitch in indoor places.

YouTube video

YouTube video by LanceAndMissingNo.

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