Glitch Unown 0x73 Trainer (Pokémon Gold and Silver)

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Battling 4 4 4 4
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4 4 4 4 is a glitch Trainer in Pokémon Gold and Silver that may appear in the Viridian City Trainer House after viewing glitch Unown 0x73 in the Unown Mode.

The presence of a repeating pattern of "4" and Ho-Oh may suggest many 0xFA bytes were corrupted into the memory, because "4" has an index number of 0xFA (dec:250).

In order to battle this glitch Trainer it may be necessary to terminate their name with a 0x50 character by modifying the relevant SRAM addresses.


  • Ho-Oh (Level 217): Whirlpool, Present
  • Ho-Oh (Level 217): Present
  • Ho-Oh (Level 217): Present
  • Ho-Oh (Level 217): (No moves?)
  • Ho-Oh (Level 217): Present
  • Ho-Oh (Level 217): Whirlpool, Present

(All of the moves are currently unknown)