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The "Blind Pikachu"

Blind Pikachu is a glitch in Pokémon Yellow where the title screen loads or reloads but without Pikachu's eyes appearing on the screen.

Steps (expanded items pack setup)

1) Get the expanded items pack with a TM04 somewhere in the bag.

2) Go to the first floor of Celadon Department store, and select the TM04, then swap it with the 33rd item (it should always be above a HM04, which is just like putting CC in map address D35D. At the leftmost tile of the exit mat there should be a Full Restore below the HM04, too.

3) You'll be taken to the continue/new game/option screen with the department store music still playing. Press B to see blind Pikachu. If you select a new game, the palettes will be wrong until the end of the intro.

Note: TM05, Antidote, TM06 and TM31 also work

Steps (glitch C109 ID method)

Run Pokémon Yellow glitch 0xC109 ID script 0x20. If this is not possible with Yellow MissingNo., the player may instead activate it with arbitrary code execution.

YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL


  • Yuzihax (documentation?)
  • ChickasaurusGL (further research, steps, article, video description)