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Error prevention and placeholders in the Pokémon games:

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The event data debugging messages are unused messages in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal that are brought up when there is a text box problem.

They can appear in a text box through hacking or glitching. Their exact causes are undocumented.

The window save area was exceeded.

Unknown cause. Appears in the game's text at offset 0x195B2A in English Gold/Silver and 0x1C4694 in English Crystal. Most likely used when a textbox overflows and doesn't crash the game.

No windows avail-able for popping.

The message after closing the start menu.

No windows avail-able for popping. can be always replicated in Crystal by opening the start menu, changing memory addresses CF71 and CF72 to FD and DF, respectively and then closing the start menu.

These addresses are actually set to these values when the start menu is closed in normal gameplay. This most likely occurs when the memory addresses are set to "no window open" and then a window close is requested, this the error.

In Gold and Silver, the same method can be done with a different memory address. The only memory address that needs to be changed is CEA8 to FD.

Additionally in Gold and Silver, if HM06 is used outside the TM/HM pocket, it causes the player to turn on a non-existing PC appear due to the game jumping to 0:3ACB. If the PC is closed, then the player will return to the start menu, and if the start menu is closed without selecting an option, the 'no windows avail-able for popping.' message will appear.

The message has also been seen after going out of bounds in Crystal.

Corrupted event!

Unknown cause. Appears in the game's text at offset 0x195B73 in English Gold/Silver and 0x1C46DD in English Crystal. Some corruption videos on YouTube have seen this when talking to people or when a "Follow me!" event occurs.

Object event

Object event in Pokémon Crystal, or "Object event." in Gold and Silver, and "オブジェイベント" (object event) in Japanese Gold, Silver and Crystal appears for talking to things that don't normally have text. It only appears once in the ROM, there are not copies for every instance.

It is the only 'x event' message that has a period, but only in Gold and Silver.

Known examples:

  • The red and blue Pokémon on Route 30 in the battle between Youngster Mikey and another youngster.
  • Lance in the Hall of Fame room, if the script isn't working.

Offsets of the message:

  • English Gold/Silver: 0x195B85.
  • English Crystal: 0x1C46EF.

BG event

Unknown cause. Appears in the game's text at offset 0x195B94 in English Gold/Silver and 0x1C46FD in English Crystal. Most likely for when trying to interact with an event that's normally unseen and does not involve anything onscreen (setting a progress flag, etc.).

Coordinates event

Unknown cause. Appears in the game's text at offset 0x195B9E in English Gold/Silver and 0x1C4707 in English Crystal. Most likely for when an event triggered by the player walking over a certain tile (being stopped by an NPC, entering a Trainer's line of sight, etc.) being triggered at the wrong location (like trainer text popping up during the Trainer escape glitch in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow).

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