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A debug mode can be accessed in the game Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC version) which allows the game to be played in ways that it couldn't under normal circumstances.

Activating the debug mode

  1. Go to your computer's My Documents folder.
  2. Open the folder "Harry Potter 2" (it should be created when the game is installed).
  3. Open the file "Game.ini".
  4. Find the phrase "DebugMode=False" (this should only appear if debug mode is not activated).
  5. Change the "False" to "True" (the T must be capitalized), and save the file.
  6. When the game is loaded, it should be in debug mode.

Uses of the debug mode

There are multiple different uses for debug mode in this game.

Free camera mode

To enter free camera mode, press the Delete key. In free camera mode, one can move freely throughout the game and access hidden and unused maps, as well as skip through parts of the game. To move in free camera mode, use the arrow keys. The screen will scroll according to how you move it. To move Harry to the location where the camera is, press Delete again. During the movement of the camera, all characters and timers will be frozen. This can be exploited to gain unachievable scores on the Challenges.

Game speed

In order to change the game speed while in debug mode, press Page Up to increase the game speed and Page Down to decrease the game speed.

Shortcut window

To enter the shortcut window, press F4 while in debug mode. A window will appear in which the player can select any map in the game and teleport there.

Minor functions

Other functions in debug mode include pressing F6 to regain all health, and also F9 to automatically learn every spell in the game.


While in debug mode, the top of the screen will feature messages regarding what is happening in the game, such as a cutscene playing or the game speed being changed. A notable feature of this is the messages it shows when Harry is damaged. When he is damaged, the message "ARGGHHH! I'M HIT!!!!" displays. When Harry faints, the message "ARGGHHH! I'M DEAD!!!!" displays.

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