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This article is a summary page for different variations of a glitches, etc. when talked about as a whole.
The "test fight" screen from Japanese Crystal's debug menu.

A debug menu refers to a leftover menu or screen in a video game that was used for testing purposes during the development of the game.

Often options lead to other testing-related screens or execute special actions (such as giving the player items ideal for testing or rolling the credits).

Sometimes debug menus can only be accessed with a cheating device or by modifying the ROM, but rarer they are left in the game as a cheat code.

Debugging related interfaces may also be referred to as debug modes, such as the popular debug modes found in Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games.

In the Pokémon games

In the core games of the Pokémon series there are a number of games with debug menus. Remnant data for a debug menu exists in Japanese Pokémon Crystal, as was documented by Háčky.

In addition, a German debugging version of Pokémon Ruby was leaked in 2011 and contains much debugging content, as was developer builds of a Pokémon Gold and a Pokémon Silver Nintendo Space World 1997 demo, along with the non-debug versions in 2018.

There are some non-core series Pokémon games with their own debug menus as well. Some examples include Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon Channel and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team.