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Name (transcribed): 'd Ö₽ 'mぅ Ò Ü

Identifier (HEX):
Identifier (DEC):
Effect pointer:
Unterminated name glitch item?:
Buy Price:
Sell Price:
Name bytes:

('d Ö₽ 'mぅ Ò Ü) is a glitch item in Pokémon Yellow (Italian).

It does not have an unterminated name, and it can be used to steal other Trainer's Pokémon in a Trainer battle with no known issues, like ♀へん ちぉダグのへた (hex:7C) in Pokémon Yellow (Japanese). The throwing animation for a blocked Poké Ball will occur, but the Pokémon is captured. Additionally, after use, a copy of this glitch item may be used up. This glitch item cannot be used to catch wild Pokémon.

YouTube video

Speedrun featuring d Ö₽ 'mぅ Ò Ü:

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL