False PP Up adding meta-map script glitches

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The glitch on Route 16
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False PP Up adding meta-map script glitches describe glitches that appear to add false PP Ups (hex:32) (see ItemDex/RGBY:050) to the player's inventory.

These glitches can be achieved after using dry underflow to expand the player's number of stored PC items. Afterwards, adjusting specific items in the player's PC in the ways below, will activate a map script somewhere that will add false PP Ups to the inventory, while the player is on that map with the menu closed.

The false PP Ups (hex:32) are unused items which cannot be used, but can be sold for 4900 Pokédollars.

Method (Route 12)

  • Modify stored PC item 117 quantity to x11

Method (Route 16)

  • Modify stored PC item 118 quantity to x11

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