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Loading a save file after saving in a bad place. Note that the floor texture is missing.

The Lumiose City save glitch, officially known as the Game Save Error (Lumiose City) is an infamous glitch in Pokémon X and Y.

It only occurs in the initial versions of the game, and it was fixed in version 1.1 and version 1.2. If the player updates their game, the glitch will no longer occur even if their saved game was in an area affected by the glitch.

If the player saves in Lumiose City in the North or South Boulevards, the game will freeze the next time the save is reloaded, possibly with a missing texture, however, not all locations in the North and South Bouevards are affected.[clarification needed]

The cause of the glitch is unknown.

Reportedly, repeatedly pressing the Home button may let the player resume their game without the patch, if this was done before the Lumiose City music is heard. [citation needed]

Nintendo's map

Nintendo of Japan's official website released a map showing areas that the player should avoid saving in to prevent the glitch. An English version was published by Nintendo Support (see below).

Patch note

From the version 1.2 patch description on Nintendo eShop:

  • "The bug preventing the player from resuming the game after saving in certain parts of Lumiose City has been fixed. (Even if the player is already experiencing the above issue, this update will restore proper functionality.)"

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