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This is a list of glitches, oversights, and other errors in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Berry tree glitch

Main article: Berry tree glitch

A walk through walls or 'sky climbing' glitch involving shaking a Berry tree from behind, close to rocks. This allows the player to move through walls.

YouTube video by BLAINES

Disappearing cursor glitch

On the move deleter's menu, choosing a move then cancelling out may cause the move cursor to disappear.

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL

False trade completed glitch

Sometimes the wrong trade progress message may appear on the Y-Comm (i.e. a 'trade completed' when the trade was not completed that doesn't allow the player to receive their new traded Pokémon).[elaboration needed]

Early Bike glitch

As reported by people such as Elektrikalex/PokéGuitaristJake, under unknown circumstances and/or on very rare occasions, the player may appear on their Rotom vehicle in Surf mode upon crossing one of the bridges near Route 2, seemingly because the game thinks the player is in the water. As this can transform into the Bicycle, making another step will transform it. However, entering a building may dismount the Bicycle again.

YouTube video by PokéGuitaristJake

Menu glitches

Main article: Menu glitches (Generation VIII)

The menu glitches are two base glitches and their variations, with some powerful applications. They are also known as the experience candy glitches.

Simultaneous experience candy Pokémon selection/cursor move

Pressing up/down and A at around the same time as using an experience candy item (also including the Rare Candy) has the ability of applying it to the wrong Pokémon even if it is an Egg or a Level 100 Pokémon. The stack left on the experience candy may have to be x1. For Rare Candies, it is also possible for the game to give the wrong experience. As the experience is based on the original Pokémon's experience needed to the next level, for the other Pokémon the candy may give too little experience to raise its level, a little over one level, or two+ levels. This can be abused with a Level 99 Pokémon, a Level 1 Pokémon and many Rare Candies; making them more effective than certain Exp Candies.

Evolution screen stealth d-pad press

There is a very short frame (or series of frames) where the player can move the d-pad before the evolution screen takes place. The easiest way to replicate the glitch is to use a x1 stack candy on a Pokémon that is about to evolve, but starting holding down/up while the experience bar is moving. If the player receives new moves messages, they can close them while still holding down/up. Just before the evolution screen loads, a scroll sound effect can be heard.

If the original Pokémon and the target Pokémon are of the same species; the original Pokémon will evolve even if it is at the wrong level, or is the wrong gender (in the case of Salandit, possibly Vespiquen and others)/variation. If not, or the Pokémon cannot evolve, the game may bring up an error message causing the game to close.

This glitch unlike (or when combined with) the former glitch allows the player to evolve Eggs, akin the previous generations' Pomeg glitch. It also allows the player to evolve Pokémon with more unique variations from evolving (including Gigantamax Eevee and Meowth). These 'Gigantamax Eevee' and 'Gigantamax Eeveelution' (though only Espeon has been confirmed so far; Umbreon and Sylveon may also be possible) will still have the Gigantamax icon, but appear as a normal Dynamaxed Pokémon. The glitch can be used to obtain Shedinja Eggs (with a non "Egg" name) as well. The glitch does not seem to work with evolutionary stones; only with candies.

Shadow quirks

There are various curiosities and/or errors with shadows, such as altering the shadows in the Wild Area simply by changing the view.

Move Relearner glitch

A glitch that causes the Move Relearner menu to behave strangely, or bring up an error message that closes the game when there are 67 or more available moves. This is confirmed on video to be possible with Mew (Mew can be taught all TRs, and deleting them adds each one to the list).

Static encounter shiny lock glitch

More information is needed for this section. It apparently affects static encounters such as starter Pokémon causing them to never be Shiny. This might not be a glitch however, as this is the same behavior as Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, and Sword/Shield have seemingly used Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee as a base.

Shiny variation glitch

Main article: Shiny variation glitch

Due to a programming error, general encounter (apparently not other encounters) Shiny Pokémon variations (i.e. stars, squares sparkles (based on diamond dust?)) currently have the wrong odds. Star sparkles were intended to be more common (15/16) but instead the contrary is true and the odds of a squares Shiny encounter are around 4095/4096.

Sucker Punch glitch

Main article: Sucker Punch glitch

A Double Battle glitch involving the move Sucker Punch erroneously failing. This has since been fixed in 1.1.

Y-Comm glitch

A glitch in which two players do not match with each other on the Y-Comm. Fixed in Version 1.2.1.[1]

Wild Area muting glitch

For unknown reasons, the Wild Area music may occasionally mute.


[clarification needed]

  • Version 1.2.1 also makes it so that certain Max Raid Battles cannot be modified by other users and played online. (from same Serebii source)
  • From a random online match, it has been observed the player may be wearing their previous clothes even if in Isle of Armor clothes. It's unknown if this has been amended after a patch.
  • The transition back to the overworld from Leon's catching demonstration may appear rough, with the participating Pokémon model disappearing before closing the battle, and a camera related quirk.
  • In Sword, upon attempting to catch Braviary, its model may seemingly disappear. This does not seem to affect other flying Pokémon.
  • There have been early game, game closing error messages reported.


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