Get glitch items using left-facing shore tile glitch (Red/Blue)

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Using the glitch Pokémon 94 (0xF1), it is possible to mutate the fourth item's identifier by +16 (e.g. Good Rod (hex:4D) into 8F (hex:5D)). This will only occur if the original identifier, when converted into binary, did not have bit 0x4 set (Good Rod counts).

This technique, involving an old man glitch glitch Trainer was documented by Paco81.


  • Any old man glitch name character (name position slot 3, 5, 7 or 9) corresponding with a Trainer. See The Big HEX List.
  • A very strong Pokémon, preferably a Level 100 one with several X Speeds and at least one X Accuracy to secure a one-hit KO on six Level 250 Pokémon with Horn Drill, Fissure or Guillotine. Tauros is a good choice.


1. Battle the Rocket on Silph Co. 11F

2. Fly to Viridian City and perform the old man glitch (trade link up shore encounter glitch might also work if the player doesn't have the required name, but this is unconfirmed)

3. Battle any glitch Trainer from the left-facing shore tile, until they send out a "94". Afterwards, your fourth item may have changed.

YouTube video

YouTube video by Pacoo81