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The Item jingle skip glitch is a glitch where the player is able to pick up an item without the item acquisition jingle playing.

Performing the glitch

This glitch requires an item that the player is able to pick up up.

  1. Stand close to the item. Being next to the item is not necessary but makes the glitch easier.
  2. Save.
  3. Reboot the game. Both hard-resetting (rebooting the console) and soft-resetting (holding Start+Select+A+B for 30 frames = half a second) will work.
  4. At the title screen, select the Continue option. Preparing for the next step before validating is recommended.
  5. Once the player recieves control, collect the item as fast as possible. The goal is to fully display the text before the title screen music is done fading out. (Protip : to maximize your chances, have your text speed set to 3, hold the A or B button while the text is appearing, and/or perform the Instant text glitch)
  6. The player will have recieved the item without playing the little fanfare.

There is one special case where this glitch can be performed without save/resetting.

The player should go to Route 5 and enter the Underground building. They should not have collected the Full Restore underground.

They should enter the stairs, and once control is gained, quickly step left once and mash A to get the item. It is better to hold the A or B button to scroll the text faster.

If done correctly (the text box has finished displaying while the music is still fading out), the item will be acquired, but the fanfare will not play.

Video demonstration

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL