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A ????? Glitch City is a Glitch City in Pokémon Gold and Silver caused by encountering a ?????. There is no documented way to replicate it without a cheating device.


1. Use one of the following GameShark codes for Pokémon Gold and Silver to encounter ?????:

01FCEDD0 (for ????? (252))

01FEEDD0 (for ????? (254))

01FFEDD0 (for ????? (255))

2. Defeat the ????? that appears, and the player should arrive in a Glitch City.

Like in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow Glitch Cities, the player will not be able to move around much without walking through walls (via GameShark). There are Pokémon Trainers from the area the player battled ????? in this version of the Gold/Silver/Crystal Glitch City, but they will usually freeze the player's game when battled. If the player does battle the trainer, the trainer may look like a ?????.